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How much fun is an RC motorbike?, I will tell you, lots and lots of fun and this stunt bike with built in 6 axis gyro takes it to a whole new level. The special features include 2 stunt modes, onboard LED and sound system, independent front and rear shock absorbers and different terrain switch. It also come ready to run and complete with its own 2.4Ghz transmitter, 2S 1200mah lipoly battery, USB charge lead, screwdriver and manual. The transmitter allows you to control the bike left and right, go forwards and even backwards for some amazing stunts, 2 buttons for the stunt modes, light operating button and a change terrain mode switch for switching from smooth to rough surfaces.

The stunt features which are only made possible with the incredible built in gyro and the reverse function allows the bike to drift and to do 360° donuts, wheelies where it can even spin around on its own axis and much more (see the attached video). The built in sound effects are incredible and include accelerating, gear changes, braking, tyre squealing and even a Tx controlled horn. On top of all this it has an LED headlight and rear light plus it even has a row of blue scene lights underneath, how cool is that !!!

• Ready built using metal and plastic parts and is ready to run
• Built in 6 axis gyro (will keep the bike upright even when stationary)
• Reverse function for amazing stunts
• Working headlight, rear light and scene lights
• Built in realistic sound system
• Ability to operate on smooth and rough surfaces
• Independent shock absorbers front and rear

Type: Ready to run RC stunt motorbike with gyro
Scale: 1/6th
Transmitter: 2.4Ghz 8 function
Gyro: Built in 6 axis
Dimensions: 350x144x263mm
Weight: 1000g (inc battery)
Battery: 2S (7.4V) 1200mah lipoly
Tires: Rubber
Run time: Approx 60mins

1 x RC motorbike with 6 axis gyro
1 x 2.4Ghz transmitter
1 x 2S 1200mah lipoly battery
1 x USB charge lead
1 x Maintenance screwdriver
1 x Operating manual

1/6th Scale RC Stunt Motorbike with 6 Axis Gyro (RTR)

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